Playground Surfacing Specialists in East Lothian

Playground Surfacing Specialists in East Lothian

We offer a range of services including the installation of playground flooring such as wetpour, rubber mulch and artificial grass to suit a range of requirements.

Play Area Flooring in East Lothian

Play Area Flooring in East Lothian

Many children's play areas will have safety surfacing to protect against injuries, we are able to install many specifications of impact absorbing flooring.

Playground Surface Installers in East Lothian

Playground Surface Installers in East Lothian

We are expert playground surface installers who have years of experience in the industry and can offer the very best value for money.

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Playground Surfacing Specialists in East Lothian

Keep playing and learning with our extensive selection of playground flooring and surfaces allows for all-weather learning while also offering a visually appealing environment for your kids to enjoy.

We are playground surfacing specialists in East Lothian EH32 0 who install a wide range of playground safety surface types, including rubber mulch, EPDM rubber, plus turf mat flooring. Such surfaces reach safety specifications such as the Critical Fall Height (CFH) criteria that happen to be necessary for the young persons' recreation space.  For additional details on the depths of surfacing, please click here.

We also ensure all of our floor designs will be porous, which makes it possible for water to drain through your drainage system with ease, so that your exterior does not become hazardous that might cause the young children to become injured.


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Children's Safety Flooring Near Me

Wet pour may be described as a two-tier rubberised surface area and widely used in floor variations. Rubberised mulch could be a more natural-appearing floor; made with re-cycled rubber shred making the surface kind to the environment. Turf mats will be fitted over a present floor so that the typical lawn can progress through.

Young children can also learn from the leisure play areas because of the embedded games and pattern wet pour inserts added for the children to enjoy and discover.

To learn more about play area surfacing, please visit this page. We provide several bright graphics for playgrounds like hopscotch, number grids, animated character types and even road themes. For additional info on children's safety flooring, contact us now!

Playground Construction Specialists in East Lothian

Our local professionals can a wide range of services including complete repairs, maintenance, and testing closest to you in East Lothian EH32 0 to maintain the recreational space and playground equipment risk-free as well as in perfect condition. It is well-advised that you have a cleansing program to reduce the need to have essential servicing in the surface area.

The costs of cleaning up, routine servicing, and restorations vary based on the quality of the playground surfacing. Therefore, it is advisable to check your wet pour playground surface, artificial grass site and its surrounding areas for any contaminants, weeds or even debris and get rid of these asap to avoid floors from being swamped and even effected. As playground surfacing construction specialists, we aim to offer you the best services when installing the play flooring.

Playground Surface Maintenance Near Me

Sometimes providing the exterior with a light jet cleanse could well be a sufficient amount to stop contaminants. However, playground surfacing maintenance is essential if you want to keep the area in good condition. Rubber mulch can certainly be cleaned with a light jet wash and sweeping. You may even have to top up your rubber mulch in time.

Reactive maintenance is essential if your surface does get impaired; if you wait around too long, the repair works can get very expensive. Easily remove bubble gum markings and various blemishes if dealt with as quickly as possible.

If some of the bonded rubberised mulch gets loosened, it might be picked at, resulting in the damage worsening; should this happen, a rubberised mulch repair will be necessitated. For details on surface repair, please click here.

The turf mat tiles could pose a trip risk should they start to lift. Therefore, it is essential to regularly ensure they are set up and even conduct routine maintenance as appropriate. Just for smaller sized tasks that you can complete yourself, similar to breaks in wet pour, DIY sets are readily available.

Playground Designs

We can provide a wide variety of playground designs to fit your nearby facility, whether a school, nursery, sports club or recreational centre. They could be designed to your particular specification and can vary in sizes, shapes and colours along with your preferred playground surfacing. We can offer you traditional designs such as hopscotch, number grids and compasses, and create new ideas that are unique for your facility. These surfaces come in various materials, and we can help you choose the right one for you.

We also consider the playground equipment you want to include in your playground. The playground equipment can affect the layout of the area, so it is best to discuss and carefully select the type of playground equipment.


For your facility near me, you could also have MUGA line-markings. Multi-Use Game Area is an area to play many games in with the added court lines for each game. This may be beneficial for compact areas and facilities with a limited amount of funding. The MUGA tends to be placed upon tarmac as this allows balls to bounce whilst having a lot of grips, and it can be used in all weather conditions.

Can you put a playground surfacing on grass?

The least impact-absorbing substance on this list is grass, either natural or artificial grass. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission considers grass to be an unsuitable playground surface. As grass wears out, it becomes less shock-absorbent and provides little protection from falls.

The best safety surfacing for playgrounds is rubber mulch. 

What base does wet pour need?

While excavating a base is more costly, we recommend that all rubber surface be installed flat to the ground level wherever feasible for your playground surfacing. Wet Pour Rubber Surfaces can be installed on top of an existing hard and even foundation such as concrete, bitmac, or asphalt.  

How does rubber mulch help children?

Because rubber mulch acts as a soft cushion when used as playground surfacing, many playground injuries can be avoided. It keeps weeds at bay and lasts for years. Rubber mulch also helps to keep old tires and other rubber goods out of landfills.

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