BS EN 1176 Free Fall Height Surfacing in Addlestonemoor

BS EN 1176 Free Fall Height Surfacing in Addlestonemoor

We can install BS EN Free Fall Height surfacing to your play area in order to meet your requirements and keep young people playing on the surface safe.

BS EN 1176 Wet Pour Flooring in Addlestonemoor

BS EN 1176 Wet Pour Flooring in Addlestonemoor

We can install BS EN 1176 wet pour flooring for play areas and crèches in the United Kingdom.

BSEN 1176 FFH Surfaces in Addlestonemoor

BSEN 1176 FFH Surfaces in Addlestonemoor

We can install BSEN1176 FFH surfaces to ensure young people are safe when using apparatus on playgrounds across the United Kingdom.

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British Standards EN 1176 Free Fall Height in Addlestonemoor

It is vital that you take British Standards EN1176 Free Fall Height in Addlestonemoor KT15 2 into account when creating a play space for children. When installing new surfacing for your school playground or play area it is important to think about the safety of young children. Testing surfaces is under the British Standards; BS EN 1176 is an accreditation which relies on the Free-Fall-Height. You will need to consider FFH if you are having play equipment installed, in order to make sure that the children are safe when playing in the playground.

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Our team have years of experience whe it comes to offering safety characteristics to children using play areas. If you'd like more information on our company and what we can do, please click here We are able to talk you through the different British Standards and the BS EN 1177 FFH surfacing available.

Please fill in our contact form for more details on the safety surfaces we supply and install and information on costs. We will respond as soon as possible with helpful advice and a quote if required.  

What is BS EN 1176 Free Fall Height?

The British Standard EN 1176 Free Fall Height is the distance needed in safety surface from where the children can fall onto the floor. They provide minimum surfacing distances from the CFH of desired play equipment installation. The FFH is also commonly referred to as FFH in the British standards regulations.

If you are struggling to find the BS EN 1176 FFH requirement for a certain piece of kit then ask the manufacturers because they should have all the data sheets and information required. The manufacturers and suppliers of playground equipment should give the surface contractors the FFH and also the critical fall height so they can determine the dimensions and depth of surface.

Various surfaces will have to be tested for EN1176 - this includes needlepunch surfacing too. Learn more about needlepunch here We can offer shockpads for this surface to offer protection in the event children fall over.

BS EN 1176 Wetpour Safety Surfacing Near Me

Our most common product or service we at present have in the marketplace is EPDM wetpour flooring. Wetpour would be the equivalent of very soft macadam. This kind of surface variety is way safer than macadam since it’s a lot gentler and spongier to touch that means trips and also slips would not bring about numerous accidental injuries. This means that wet pour surfacing would be ideal for play-areas as young children will regularly be utilising it meaning it has to be a safe to utilize service. We provide an enormous variety of diverse products and services in Addlestonemoor KT15 2 from the wet pour market, causing us to be a 1 stop purchase all your surfacing demands. This really is the most popular service we provide is flooring fitting. 

Safety Standards for Wet Pour Near Me

The wet pour surfacing is fitted within a two tier method, the first level being an SRB shock pad. The impact cushioning will minimize the potential harm which falling over might lead to young children while playing on the surface. The next level is the EPDM rubberized crumb wearing layer that is set up on top of the impact mat. These types of surfaces are accessible in a range of colourings to make sure you get the best design and style for an individual. These kinds of surfacing styles may be fixed using design which brighten up the establishment whilst additionally educating these innovative skills. The design of the facility is very within your management, making sure you receive the product you would like. If you have any questions or queries regarding BS EN 1176 wetpour safety surfacing, please fill in our contact box andf we will get back to you with more information.

FFH for Rubberised Mulch in Addlestonemoor

Bonded rubber bark materials are made by using recycled truck tyres, and are often put down for play areas. The tyres are crumbled to produce rubber shred, the same as the visual appearance of solid wood bark chippings. We'll then mix all these chips with binder and lay them out onto the specified surrounding areas. The system is often installed in kids' play areas, as well as paths and walkways in public places.


The rubber playground bark may be laid in different depths to match the properties that are required. The FFH of your play area features determines what specification of surfacing should be used. The tests are completed to British Safety Standards like BSEN 1176. Playground rubber mulch is definitely widely used close to activity trails and climbing features within the United Kingdom. The flooring provides a natural appearance in order to suit an existing rustic place, and also provides the essential protective properties. It is important that you are aware of the FFH for rubberised mulch before you have new surfacing installed to ensure nearby children will be safe when using the local play area closest to them.

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We would also carry out tests and make certain surfaces meet British Standards for the schools daily mile. You can find out more about the daily mile here Our team can provide various details on the different facilities and how the BSEN1176 can be incorporated.

If you're interested in having a playground safety surface installed which meets up with British Standards EN 1176 Free Fall Height in Addlestonemoor KT15 2 please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our highly professional team will be able to help you with any problems and will offer advice to ensure you receive the service you need. 

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