Local Equipped Area of Play in North Down

Local Equipped Area of Play in North Down

We can install a local equipped area of play to allow children to play together as part of a community.

LEAP Playground Games in North Down

LEAP Playground Games in North Down

We can install LEAP playground games to improve your existing area and get young people playing together.

Young Children's LEAP  in North Down

Young Children's LEAP in North Down

We can install LEAPs for young children around the UK. Local equipped areas for play allow children to play independently near where they live.

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Local Equipped Area of Play in North Down

We can install surfacing for a local equipped area of play in North Down BT20 4 in order to keep children using the facility safe from harm. LEAPs are specifically designed for children who are learning to go out out and play independently close to where they live. These children will remain safe when using the areas, due to the different safety surfaces we install. 

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If you would like to discuss the different surfacing available for Local Equipped Areas for Play, please fill in the contact form provided on this page. 

What is a LEAP?

A leap is a local equipped area for play which is often found near houses and appartments along with their surrounding areas. A number of different playground surfaces can be installed in a LEAP, including rubber mulch, wetpour, artifical grass and rubber tiles. To learn more about artificial grass please click here https://www.playground-surfaces.com/surfaces/grass/north-down/ LEAP areas often have playground equipment installed, which is why it it important to have a impact absorbing surfaces to keep children safe. The saftey surfaces which we install are available in a variety of different colours, making more children want to play ijn a LEAP. 

Impact Absorbing Safety Surfaces Near Me

We may easily do the installation of safety floors such as wet pour, rubber mulch and also turf mats meant for playgrounds. It is essential to get childrens playground floors to fulfill safety laws, the standard safety surface types take into account these specifications for instance the Critical Fall Height requirement. Impact absorbing safety surfaces are essential for areas where there is playground equipment, in case children fall off.

All these surfaces shall be porous and that's safer for the kids, because the floor surfaces won't end up being hazardous seeing that water will traverse through the surfacing effectively. Many people have wetpour fitted for their play-areas, as it's commonly a vibrant two level rubberised area and that is easily recognisable. To learn more about wetpour surfacing please click here https://www.playground-surfaces.com/surfaces/wetpour/north-down/ If you're searching for the natural appearance, it's recommended that you search to rubberised mulch; rubber mulch would be an eco friendlt surface since it's consisting of reusable rubberised shred. Rubberised grass mats are often installed to present outside surfacing so natural lawn is likely to flourish through and cover up the appearance of your rubber. 

Playground Games Near Me

Leisure playgrounds can help better young children's understanding; styles and games wet pour inserts can be put in to help with making educating enjoyment for kids. The coloured types which we offer can include standard games, sports activites outlines, decorative animals, text letters, snakes and ladders as well as number tasks. 

Other than wetpour graphics, thermoplastic markings may also be installed onto hard surfaces to create playground games for children to enjoy. These games will be installed in a range of different colours to make fun activities for young people in North Down.

Our team will take a number of safety features into account when installing the playground games. We comply with various British Standards including EN1176; for more details on this please visit this page https://www.playground-surfaces.com/en1176/north-down/ Our team will tell you all about the standards that we comply with and how they are met.

LEAP Play Area Maintenance in North Down

All of our local professional staff closest to you could complete assessments and repairs of outside play ground surface types to keep up flooring low risk and clear of dirt. We can carry out LEAP play area maintenance in North Down BT20 4 to maintain the Local Area of Play and make sure they are safe for children to play on. It's informed that there is a washing program in order to reduce the chances of needing to carry out substantial servicing to your surface area.

The cost to clean plus improve the playground floor may be different based on the quality of the flooring as well as any problems it has suffered. It's recommended to look at the wetpour recreational surface's exterior for any contaminants, unwanted weeds and also rubbish and take off all of these as fast as possible to stop surface from being flooded and contaminated. Applying a light jet cleanse plus clearing the space routinely probably will be a sufficient amount for preventing your floors from being contaminants. Rubber mulch surfaces also can require a power rinse to get rid of contaminants, and you could want to reload the rubberized mulch shred after a certain length of time.


It is important to undertake maintenance tasks as fast as possible should the playground floor surface appear to become damaged, this will help to decrease charges for the issue becoming much worse. Blemishes and markings on the surfacing are easy to remove when they are preserved as soon as the problem is seen. In case a number of the glued rubber mulch is loosened it may be picked at creating the worsen; if this takes place a rubberized mulch repair will be essential. Similarly, turf mats can get loosened and be a stumbling danger whenever they lift, which means they must be mended quickly. If you have smaller jobs that you are able to do yourself, just like breaks around EPDM rubber, DIY kits are readily available.

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