BS EN 1177 Impact Attenuating Surfacing in Ashton

BS EN 1177 Impact Attenuating Surfacing in Ashton

We are able to install BS EN 1177 Impact Attenuating Surfacing to improve the look of existing areas and keep young people safe when playing on equipment.

Installing BS EN 1177 Surfacing in Ashton

Installing BS EN 1177 Surfacing in Ashton

We are experts in installing BS EN 1177 surfacing to playgrounds in the UK. The BS EN 1177 flooring protects children from harm and ensures they don't get injured.

BS EN 1177 Specification in Ashton

BS EN 1177 Specification in Ashton

The BS EN 1177 specification involves and impact absorbing surface which meets CFH requirements to ensure children do not become injured or hurt when playing on high equipment.

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BS EN 1177 Impact Attenuating Surfacing in Ashton

The BS EN 1177 Impact Attenuating Surfacing in Ashton BS28 4 are installed into parks, school playgrounds and public play areas throughout the UK. They are designed and installed to help lower the risk of injury to children while they are playing on play equipment from heights. The BSEN 1177 safety surfaces have various depths depending upon the CFH of the equipment it is installed beneath and depending on the type of surface options will determine the depth required. 


If you have any questions or queries regarding the impact absorbing surfacing and the British Standards relating to this, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with additional information if required. Fill in the contact form now and we shall reply at the earliest opportunity.

EN1177 Regulation Near Me

Various surfaces like wetpour, rubber mulch, needlepunch and artificial grass all fall under the EN1177 regulation. Rubber mulch is popular in parks, as it is a great safety surface that looks natural. For more details on rhino mulch surfacing, please click here The saftey surface option will be specified and each has different groundworks and sub bases to work to depending upon ground conditions and the critical fall height from where the kids could fall. The impact absorbing surface is designed to absorb the fall to lower broken bones and head injuries.

What is BS EN 1177?

The British Standard BS EN 1177 is the testing of impact absorbing surfaces throughout the UK. Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing is tested for the Determination of Critical Fall Height underneath play equipment like swings, slides and multi units. All other testing with regards to play areas have been transferred to BSEN 1176.

All these standards recognises the developmental importance of play and risk taking. It is felt that kids need to experience risk and the Standards is designed to prevent injuries with a disabling or fatal result or where a child may receive an injury in the event of an incorrect judgement on their part. It cannot remove all possibility of injury though and parents need to be mindful of this. Supervising is seen as crucial in reducing injuries to toddlers and younger generation. There has to be a balance of a challenge against the safety aspects and this is crucial for teachers and parents to understand.

BSEN 1177 Surfaces Near Me

There are a number of BSEN 1177 surfaces available to keep children safe when playing on play equipment. The most popular BSEN 1177 surfaces include wetpour and rubber mulch. We're able to lay rubber bark surfaces in many depths, depending upon what is required. The Critical Fall Height on the nearby play area apparatus will determine what depth should be used. The testing is completed to British Safety Standards. Various features for example play structures and swings can occasionally have the rubber mulch floors applied around them. The surface supplies a purely natural appearance to suit a pre-existing rustic space, but will also increases the essential safety components. These standards may also be seen on school sports surfaces and multi use areas. For more information on MUGA surfacing please click here Our team can offer details on how bsen1177 can be important for MUGAs and other areas.

Wetpour is a two layer surface type; the 1st tier being a shockpad This shock-pad is made to support kids while using facility just in case they will tumble making the facility a lot less dangerous. The top tier of the surfacing will be the EPDM rubber crumb; that is placed above of a shockpad in order to complete the surface. Wetpour rubber is offered in a wide range of colourings to make the centre great and also unique to suit your needs The surfacing could be installed with graphic inserts, these are designed to keep kids entertained in which instructing these individuals useful skills and inspiring thinking. Each and every client has full control of design of their facility and its surrounding areas. If you're interested in more information regarding BSEN 1177 surfaces like wetpour and rubber mulch in Ashton, please fill in the contact form provided.

BSEN1177 Specification

The BSEN1177 specification refers to an impact attenuating surfacing which is tested under British Standards to meet Critical Fall Heights and keep children safe when using play equipment. Injuries are tested to find out the Free Fall Height and CFH needed; this then alters the depth of surfacing required to keep young people using the apparatus safe. When carrying out these tests the HIC test is used. 

We can alter our BSEN1177 specification in Ashton BS28 4 to meet your individual needs, so if you've got a piece of equipment which is very high we are able to make the depth of the safety play surface thicker. We make certain to ensure our installations meet up with the bsen1177 spec, as we are expert installers. For more details on our company, make sure to visit this page Our primary aim is to provide our clients with the best service at high quality. If you'd like more information on our different designs and specifications, please contact us today.  

BS EN1177 Costs in Ashton

The BS EN1177 costs vary considerably depending on the type of surfacing you choose along with other factors. EPDM wetpour rubber tends to be quite expensive if you've got a number of different colours installed. As a way to lower the cost of BS EN1177 wetpour safety surfacing, you may want to consider having a plain black background with coloured graphics installed.


Area size will also affect the price of the installation. Obviously if you've got a big area it will cost you much more than if you had a local smaller area that is closest to you - although the rates per m2 will be less when you have a bigger area installed.

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Since the cost of BS EN 1177 impact attenuating surfacing in Ashton BS28 4 can vary so much, it would be best to get a quote regarding the surfacing of your choice. We are able to offer you a quick quote after seeing photos of your area and the area size. Simply send us your enquiry using the contact box on this page and we will get back to you.

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