Schools Daily Mile

Schools Daily Mile

The schools daily mile is becoming more common around the UK. We can install a number of surfacing types for your circuit or track.

Run a Mile a Day

Run a Mile a Day

Children in schools are encouraged to run a mile a day. This helps to improve fitness and health in young people.

Daily Mile Surface Installers

Daily Mile Surface Installers

As professional daily mile surface installers, we are able to supply you with a number of different surfacing types to choose from.

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Schools Daily Mile

We can install a variety of different surface types for the schools daily mile to improve children's fitness and enhance the appearance of your existing area.

When doing The Daily Mile, children have to spend an allocated period of time every day completing one mile of physical exercise. The pupils can do that by walking or running the entire distance. The scheme is designed to help youngsters become more healthy and physically fit by doing regular exercise. 


You can find out more about the schools daily mile by filling in the contact form with your details. As quickly as we receive your enquiry we will offer you more details and provide a free no obligation quotation.

Aim of The Daily Mile

If you are wondering what the main aim of the daily mile is, it's to increase participation in physical activity within young people. Being sure that kids are fit and healthy is really important and it also plays a role in reducing obesity issues. Even so the mile run a day is a lot more than just exercise and is not a sports activity or part of PE courses. This has been made to strengthen the children's psychological health, along with all round fitness and happiness. It is simple to get going with The Daily Mile in your primary school and it’s totally free to get involved. The activity could very well be carried out in primary schools by the teachers also as it is not simply intended for kids. Daily Miles can be performed at any age level and regardless of your own situation.

One of the most common surface types for the daily mile is wetpour, since it's smooth and comfortable underfoot and offers permeable properties. To learn more about EPDM wetpour please click here For more info on the schools golden mile, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Improving Fitness in Schools 

Improving fitness in schools has become more and more important in recent years. From studies, The Daily-Mile has been confirmed to enhance not only fitness but concentration levels, emotions and classroom behaviour. Due to greater levels of concentration throughout school, youngsters are equipped to be educated more productively making them much more likely to do well. Virtually all academic organisations including nurseries and schools can participate since it's not restricted to any age range.

Due to the approach being so hassle-free, The Daily Mile is becoming popular with numerous local schools closest to you. It will require under 15 minutes of time to complete the full mile. Walking in an outdoor environment boosts overall health through enjoying the fresh air. There is absolutely no equipment needed so establishments don't have to cover extra costs to set it up. There isn't any competitiveness amongst the children so every person who takes part is going to be successful, making it more enjoyable for all. 

The mile isn't completed to be a fitness examination, and is not part of physical education course throughout UK schools. It's just implemented to give kids improved wellbeing and emotional state. There are several overall health benefits that could come from completing a mile every single day. As a result of advanced levels of concentration, pupils are better equipped to learn and be aware in school classes. The goal would be to make it a happy event for children, teachers and parents to engage and socialise. 

Golden Mile Surface Options Near Me

There are a number of golden mile surface options available. Some of the most popular surface types include wetpour, rubber mulch, rhino pave and multisport synthetic carpet. Our surfaces meet up to a number of safety standards including the bs en 1177. For details on this British Standard, please click here Our tem will be able to provide you with more information with regards to the different surface options and safety requirements for the golden mile if necessary, so please feel free to contact us for more information.


We provide you with quite a few colour options for playground rubber mulch. The most popular colours are brown and green due to the fact they are usually developed for rural spaces. If you wanted a more blended visual appearance, the colour choices may be blended to offer a far more diverse look. We can easily make a bespoke design which is perfectly tailor-made for your cost range. For more information on the cost of shredded rubber bark, please fill out our contact box.

Rubber Mulch for The Golden Mile

There are a number of surfacing types which can be installed for your running circuit which children will run or walk around. We may install rubber mulch for The Golden Mile in order to create a safe and natural looking pathway for children to run on. Rubber bark safe flooring is produced from reprocessed tyres. The rubber is shredded to produce small bits that have a similar visual appearance to wooden shred. The rubberized chippings will then be fused together with each other and placed in-situ, creating a seamless, permeable, soft play surface. The mulch surfacing is a preferred choice for nearby kids’ play areas, along with other external places. 

It creates a natural appearance which fits in with rural themed locations, and additionally making the facility safe. Rubber bonded mulch safety flooring has a strong benefit which is it can be applied immediately on to grass and without having edges. You could opt to place it on top of grassy areas to hide dirty patches. We will not need to set up any groundworks so we’re able to offer very good rates to suit each client. We may supply you with a quotation that is definitely affordable and incorporates everything you need.

Benefits of Bonded Mulch Near Me

Rubber mulch bark is great because it's totally permeable. It allows water to absorb to the sub strata, protecting against flooding and waterlogging on top. The rubber mulch calls for very little servicing because grime and rain water don’t develop on top. The rubber offers an alternative option to solid wood pieces since it's comfortable and suitable for all weather. Smaller pieces won’t get lost from the flooring because it is all fully stuck in place using the premium glue.

Rubber mulch offers an extremely sturdy safety flooring system which holds up well in frequently used play areas. For surrounding areas which are commonly used by children, this provides you with a tough and resilient surface solution. The shock absorbent qualities develop far better safety features for little ones. It gives shock absorption to help kids' bones so that they don't get injured should they fall down. It's also fantastic for a simple walkway specification for open public areas such as recreational areas.

For people seeking to build a versatile pathway, the rubber mulch design is great. Another one of the benefits of bonded mulch is that the flooring needs minimal servicing so frequent brushing will keep it free from litter. The cleaning may then prevent rubbish from becoming stuck in the tiny holes within the surface. To help keep the surfacing safe, you should try to keep it as clear as possible because this will reduce deterioration.

Line Marking Specialists

As professional line marking specialists we are able to create tracks and circuits on existing tarmac surfaces using thermoplastic markings and coloured tarmac paint. A number of colours can be used for schools daily mile meander, which makes a perfect area for young people. We can apply the line markings in a number of different shapes to meet individual needs and requirements.

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Line markings may also be incorporated within athletics in schools. For detail on what we can do in terms of schools athletics, make sure to click here We can alter our designs and specifications to meet your financial budgets and personal preferences, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you are thinking about having a meander trail installed for the schools Daily Mile please fill in our enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with information regarding the different surfaces available to allow you to create the perfect circuit for your school. If you have any further questions or queries please let us know and we will respond quickly and professionally.


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