Outdoor Play Area Surfaces

Outdoor Play Area Surfaces

We have a range of different outdoor play area surfaces which we are able to install, including wetpour, rubber mulch, synthetic grass and needlepunch.

Natural Looking Playground

Natural Looking Playground

If you are searching for a more natural looking playground, we would recommend rubber mulch or artificial grass; these fit perfectly in parks and woodlands areas.

Playground Safety Surfacing

Playground Safety Surfacing

We can install playground safety surfacing to ensure the children using your facility will not get injured.

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Outdoor Play Area Surfaces

We are able to install a number of different outdoor play area surfaces to produce a safe play facility for young children. Some of the most popular outdoor playground surfaces we install are wetpour EPDM rubber, rhino mulch, needlepunch and artificial grass.

Wetpour is probably the most common. For more details on wetpour please click here https://www.playground-surfaces.com/surfaces/wetpour/ Our play surfaces are soft, which makes them perfect for children's playgrounds.


If you would like to have new play flooring installed for your playground, please fill out our contact form. One of our experts will get back to you with more information on different surfacing types and advice if required.

Playground Safety Surfacing 

We can easily perform installation of safety floors for example , EPDM rubber, rubber mulch along with grass mats for play areas. It's vital for children’s playground surfaces to fulfil standard safety laws, the standard safety floors see to these types of specifications for example the Critical Fall Height requirement. These types of surface areas are permeable which is better for the kids, since the floor surfaces won't end up being dangerous because standard water are able to move through the surface effortlessly. Wet pour is known as a two level rubberised surface, and is also the widely used within the flooring designs. Rubberied mulch is seen as a more natural appearing floor; it happens to be made of recycled rubberized shred making your surfacing eco-friendly. Rubberised turf tiles are often fixed to present yard surfacing to ensure that all-natural lawn is able to grow through and cover up the style of your rubber grass mats.

We install nearby playground safety surfacing, like bonded mulch and wetpour, around play equipment to make sure children are safe when playing on the apparatus. These safety surfaces can be installed in different depths depending on the CFH required. If you are unsure what Critical Fall Height you need, please let us know the height of the equipment and the existing surface type and we will work out the CFH needed.

Rubber Graphics for Playgrounds Near Me

Local leisure playgrounds closest to you may help to develop your child'd understanding; patterns plus udcational games EPDM rubbwe inserts could be installed to help with making educatuin entertaining for kids. These graphics are also found in NEAP areas, which help to improve children's skills. For details on NEAP spaces, please have a look at this page https://www.playground-surfaces.com/facility/neap/ Lots of diverse varitations can be applied into playground surfaces, a number of well liked preferences might be alphabet activites, number shaoes, traditional activites and even coloured pet animals. 

Rubber graphics for playgrounds are very common in schools and nurseries as well as the surrounding areas, as patterns and activites can be created to help children learn whilst playing. EPDM rubber graphics are usually installed onto a plain black wetpour floor; these offer a more cost effective option when installing wetpour. 

Play Area Flooring Maintenance

Play area flooring maintenance, repairs as well as tests may also be completed by our own experts in order to keep ones recreational space low risk in perfect condition. We at all times suggest applying a regular maintenance plan for playground safeness floor to help reduce the necessity for any sort of mending. The charges connected with servicing, upkeep and also restorations differ in accordance with the condition which the surface is in. It is important to look at your wet pour playground exterior for contaminants, undesirable weeds or dirt and remove all of these at the earliest opportunity to prevent flooring from being swamped and also effected. Normally allowing the surface a light power clean will be enough for preventing contaminants. Rubberized mulch is also washed using a gentle jet wash and brushing, you may even have to top up your rubber eventually. 

Repairing Play Areas Near Me

It is recommended to undertake repairs and maintenance as fast as possible if your play-area flooring near me appears to become damaged, this'll help to lower charges for difficulty getting much worse. Marks and also stains due to things such as bubble gum may be removed easily if and when they are noticed promptly.


We carry out a range of repair services at cost effective prices. To learn more about repairing play areas please click here https://www.playground-surfaces.com/repairs/ Kids may grab rubberised mulch that has become loose which could cause a lot more impairments to the floor; in these cases it is vital that you'll get this rubberised mulch filled. Grass mats might become a tipping threat if they've become loosened and elevated upwards, therefore you will need to restore this as quickly as possible. Cracks inside a wet pour surfacing may occur at some point, suitable for minor restorations such as this, you could purchase a restore equipment and perform the repair works all by yourself. 

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If you would like to have outdoor play area surfaces installed for your school, nursery or even garden, please fill out our contact box. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with a quote for the facility and more information on the playground surface options which are available. We can also offer advice if necessary in order to make sure you pick the most suitable surface for your playground.


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