Playground Safety Surface Repairs in Wootton Common

Playground Safety Surface Repairs in Wootton Common

If you have a damaged play surface, we are able to carry out playground safety surface repairs to restore your play areas existing qualities.

Fixing Wetpour Borders in Wootton Common

Fixing Wetpour Borders in Wootton Common

Our team are experts when it comes to fixing wetpour borders and we can create new designs to transform your existing area.

Bonded Mulch Repair in Wootton Common

Bonded Mulch Repair in Wootton Common

We can carry out bonded mulch repair if your park or play surface has become damaged due to general wear and tear over a period of time.

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Playground Safety Surface Repairs in Wootton Common

We are expert play area surfacing installers based within the UK with over 20 years' experience.

We are able to complete playground safety surface repairs in Wootton Common PO33 4 to renew existing surfaces and maintain the safety features of the surfacing.

It's important for you to carry out routinr maintenance to your play flooring in order to keep it in the top condition. Whethere it's a park or a NEAP, repairs are vital. For more details on NEAP spaces please click here

Our company also recommend regular inspections to look out for any damages on the existing surface. If you notice a damaged area it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs and prevent the children from becoming hurt.


Small damage could lead to trip hazards or more costly repairs, so it is important to have your playground surfacing repaired as soon as possible.

If you'd like to find out more information about our rubber surface repairs, please fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on maintenance and the costs of playground surfacing repair. 

Rubber Mulch Repair Specialists Near Me

Numerous play area facilities are installed with bound rubber bark, that is a product made with recycled tyres. The tyres are crumbled to create rubber pieces, the same as the visual appearance of solid wood bark chips.

We'll then mix these pieces with glue and apply them out into the chosen ground. Children’s play spaces along with other outside areas may have this surfacing fitted for numerous purposes.

Our own product is specifically created to have longer lasting strength and durability. For playgrounds which might be commonly used by younger children, this provides a tough and heavy duty surfacing specification. Rubberised mulch helps boost playground health and safety for children of every age group. 

Our rubber mulch repair specialists will be able to carry out tests to ensure the area still meets up with bs en 11777 requirements.

For details on BS EN 1177 please visit this page Our specialists will ensure that children are safe in the area and all standards are met.

Repairing Play Park Surfacing

Open local public parks and nature spaces closest to you in Wootton Common PO33 4 will often have the rubberised mulch material installed to establish a comfortable walkway through shrubs and muddy surrounding areas.

Frequent brushing should be sufficient to keep the flooring clear of grime and rubbish. This will prevent any debris from getting stuck inside the holes and creating contamination and puddles. To help keep the facility impact absoribing, you should try to be keeping it as clear as you can since this will reduce deterioration.

If you've notice any rips or tears in the surface, it's important to get out rubber mulch repair specialists out straight away. Not only can this develop into an expensive repair job, it may also become dangerous for nearby young children playing on the wet pour surface.

If the rubber play bark becomes loose children may put the bark in their mouths which could be toxic or result in chocking. Additionally, rips in your surface can cause children to trip and hurt themselves.

Wet Pour Repairs 

Along with rubber mulch repair, we can also carry out wet pour repair. These may be needed due to the removal of play equipment or general wear and tear.

When having play equipment removed, there will be holes left in the EPDM surfacing. You can either repair this yourself with a wetpour repair kit or get a professional in to fix the wetpour safety surfacing. 

To carry out patch repairs our team mix EPDM rubber granules with a polyurethane resin binder. We then fill in the gap to fix the soft surface. 

If it is very minor damage, we may be able to simply fix the wearing course, however we may also need to repair the base rubber.

Wet Pour Perimeter Repairs Near Me

Your wetpour playground surface can begin to reduce in size all around the outsides with time. This leads to the outer perimeter to start to reduce in size causing cracks across the play area. This may become a big tripping threat for kids and so it’s important to sort the issue promptly.

If you do not resolve the problem rapidly then your issue may result in more costly methods. We've got a repairs service which is developed to help deal with these problems by filling out the spaces using your chosen EPDM rubber granules. 

Creating a servicing plan set in place is vital to making sure these don’t happen again. These servicing plans hugely enhance the quality of the sports facility near me.

It’ll furthermore guarantee that the area is always in a greater condition enhancing its product life. We can fix these border concerns in an alternative colour rubber to develop a perimeter border effect. Our wet pour perimeter repairs are available at an affordable cost and can completely renew your area.

It is recommended to deal with these issues as early as possible to reduce costs and prevent accidents.

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Our team can also prevent accidents by making certain the area meets bs en 1176 standards.

To learn more about these requirements please click here We can offer a wide variety tests to ensure safety so make sure to contact us for more info.

DIY Repair Kits in Wootton Common

We could offer you wet pour repair kits that contains rubber along with polyurethane binder so that you can fix the problem yourself. We can advise whether a wetpour repair kit would be beneficial or not. 

Our wetpour repair kits are available in a number of different colours in order to match your existing surface. They also come with a full set of instructions. 

For more information on our wetpour repair kit supply, please complete our enquiry form.

Artificial Grass Repair

As well as our range of rubber surfacing repairs, we also repair other surfaces such as artificial grass. We do not install loose fill surfaces.

With regards to artificial grass, we can carry out full replacements if the existing surface is looking tired.  We can install the same colour or different colour to ensure you get exactly what you need on your surrounding area. 

We recommend routine maintenance, as atmospheric conditions can cause issues on any surface.

Other Repairs We Offer

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