Neighbourhood Equipped Area of Play

Neighbourhood Equipped Area of Play

We can install a neighbourhood equipped are of play to keep young people safe and allow them to play and meet new friends.

NEAP Safety Surfaces

NEAP Safety Surfaces

It is important to have safety surfaces installed for a NEAP to ensure that young children remain safe when playing on equipment.

NEAP Flooring Installers

NEAP Flooring Installers

Our expert NEAP flooring installers can fit spongey surfacing for NEAP spaces to make sure children do not get harmed when playing on the playground.

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Neighbourhood Equipped Area of Play

As expert safety surfacing installers in the UK, we shall lay a surface for your Neighbourhood Equipped Area of Play to suit your preferences. If you've got a lot of high play equipment in your NEAP, we would recommend having impact absorbing surfaces installed like rubber mulch or wetpour. These can also be installed for LEAP spaces. For details on what a LEAP is, please click here These types of surfaces can vary in depths to suit different Critical Fall Heights. The CFH is determined by the height of the play equipment in the NEAP and the existing surface which we will install over. 


If you would like to have a new surface installed for your NEAP, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Play Area Safety Surfaces Near Me

We perform the installation of play area safety surfaces which includes wet pour, rubber mulch and grass mats. These kinds of floors near me fulfill safety guidelines just like the Critical Fall Height (CFH) necessity, that happen to be very important to a children’s recreation space. These particular surfaces are permeable that is more reliable for the kids, given that the surfaces is not going to end up being slippery seeing that liquid are able to move through the surfacing effortlessly. Wet pour is described as 2 level rubberised floor, it is the most popular within the surfacing styles. 

Needlepunch is another surface type that may be installed for NEAP playgrounds. To learn more about needlepunch, please visit this page This is a great surface type that can be installed in play areas which requires little maintenance. For playground areas which need a bit more natural visual appearance, this rubberised mulch surfacing, needlepunch or grass mats are generally installed to match the actual surroundings. Grass mats may be installed over a current area therefore the normal lawn is able to develop through.

NEAP Playground Graphics

Nearby colourful playgrounds may have EDPM rubber NEAP playground graphics installed. Small children then have the ability to find out how you could be more proactive as well as obtain abilities whilst having fun and also actively playing activities. Some of the coloured shapes that we offer consist of classic educational games, activities outlines, bright wild animals, letters, snakes and ladders and also number tasks.

What is a NEAP?

A NEAP is a neighbourhood equipped area of play and could be found nearby community areas. Older children generally play within NEAPs, however younger kids may also use the area. These types of areas often have play equipment installed, which means it is necessary to have safety flooring put down to ensure children do not get injured. We can install a number of different surface types for NEAPs and a variety of colours may be used.

Maintaining NEAP Spaces

All of our local industry experts closest to you even implement repair services and also assessments to help keep your recreational area exterior in the greatest condition and assure it's stable. To decrease the requirement for any type of severe servicing, we'll encourage a routine cleaning up schedule. Maintaining NEAP spaces can be simple, if the right process is used. The charges of cleansing, maintenance as well as restorations varies depending on the state that the floor is in. Leaves, weeds and other dirt can lead to contaminants of one's wetpour exterior; it's therefore advised you ought to remove it promptly so your drain structure won't become obstructed. Normally giving the surface a mild power cleanse could well be a sufficient amount to avoid contaminants. Rubber mulch surfacing might also need a pressure cleanse to get rid of dirt, and you should ought to top-up your rubber mulch shred after waiting a selected duration.

NEAP Surface Maintenance Near Me

Should your play-area surface or surrounding areas appear to become impaired reactive preservation ought to be done rapidly to reduce higher priced renovations. You can find out more about play area surfaces here Bubble gum markings and other blemishes are often cared for without difficulty when they are handled as soon as possible. Parts of rubber mulch surfacing can be loose-fitting as time passes and so this is very important to carry out appropriate preservation to stop this from spreading and impairing all the flooring. The grass mat floor tiles can lead to a trip hazard if and when they begin to lift up, for that reason it’s essential to regularly be sure that they are simply set up and even carry out any preservation if necessary. If you have smaller tasks which you can perform all by yourself, just like breaks on EPDM rubber, DIY packages are available.

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